Saturday, November 28, 2009

Make Your Days Easier with 4G

. Saturday, November 28, 2009

Many people rely on their computers and mobile phones not only to communicate with other people, but also to run their daily lives. More now than ever before mobile communications technology have become crucial to businesses and getting things done in general. Email, social networking, and collaborating/messaging have become the norm. People are constantly using their iPhones and other gadgets to find new people, to get directions and to manage their lives. Today's fast paced lifestyles demand that we have all the tools and devices on hand to cope with our normal, everyday lives and day to day activities.

Of course, while today's technology is impressive-we can communicate with friends and family members across oceans and deserts with a simple click of a mouse-there are problems. Internet connectivity for instance, often times leaves a lot to be desired. Many people find that they can't get a reliable or decent internet signal when they roam out of their houses and into the city streets. Signals can be spotty and weak. Most people will end up having to lug their laptops and netbooks to a wifi café, where they often have to pay to use the service, by the half hour at least.

Mobile users are often plagued by the same sort of issues. They will find themselves with dropped calls, poor connections, gaps in service and lack of service due to too many users trying to log in at once, among other things.

Today, the industry standard is 3G, or third generation. This refers to the norms and rules governing mobile communications. The most famous example of a 3G device is the third generation iPhone. 3G was once the biggest thing, however, now there are noticeable failures. People aren't as connected as they would like to be. Improvements definitely need to be made.

And that's where 4G comes in. 4G is the next generation in terms of communications technology. The advantages of fourth generation tech are many. While it hasn't yet been established worldwide, it's likely to come your way very soon. 4G is all about improvements, making things better than they have ever been before.

4G will be characterized by its extensive range of service. Internet users will be able to get a signal over a wide range of distances. Previously, in order to get connected to the net, you'd have to rely on a hotspot with a wifi signal in range. Wifi only can cover some 100-300 feet and a router is required. With 4G and Wimax, transmission towers emit powerful wireless signals directly to users. A signal can travel over some 30 miles, meaning whole cities will become virtual hotspots. Anywhere you go you'll have a reliable internet connection. Your life will become so much easier.

With fourth generation technology, data transfer speeds will become much faster. Whereas previously you couldn't download large files from a wireless connection without it taking ages, now you'll be able to do it within a matter of minutes. The difference is incredible. If you thought things were good now, you will be thoroughly impressed with the arrival of 4G.


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