Monday, December 28, 2009

Easy to Carry Everywhere with Smallest Computer

. Monday, December 28, 2009

Does the idea of carrying the entire data in your home or office desktop with you is appealing in anyways? Do you feel that even the laptops are also too heavy and not that convenient to carry everywhere? Then you will definitely like to buy the smallest-computer for the convenience of carrying it everywhere without having to carry that heavy laptop bag.

If you go just by the name like minicomputer or microcomputer, you will not see the smallest computer. Minicomputer is the miniature computer though certainly not a smallest computer. Microcomputer got that name just because of the small size of their central processing units and not because of the computer's small size.

The palmtops became the milestone in the saga of computers. However the palmtops enjoyed their minicomputer status only till the arrival of tablet PCs, commonly known as the notebooks. The major computer companies like Intel, Microsoft and Samsung developed the notebook measuring just 8 inches in a joint project called 'project Origami'. This has a very sensitive touch screen.

The biggest advantage of these computers is portability. The fact that they can be taken anywhere is very fascinating. Though these are the minicomputers till now, the prices are comparatively very high.

However the question is that how long can this technology remain the smallest computer? The technology is advancing everyday. You never know what smallest size of computer you will see in future.

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