Sunday, September 27, 2009

Computer Failure

. Sunday, September 27, 2009

There are over 250 million computers in use in just the United States alone. They do everything from streamline and control the operations of major manufacturing plants or huge institutions to allowing a person to communicate via the Internet from the comfort of their own living room.

Thanks to a wealth of information from a wide variety of sources, most computer owners understand the importance of running virus protection programs, making back up disks to restore their operating system after a crash and installing a firewall to keep their machines safe from outside intruders.

Although most of us are now indeed conditioned to run all these various system checks on a regular basis, many of us still find ourselves complaining about PCs that crash and freeze, computers that make strange and disturbing noises and annoyances such as a disk drive that refuses to read disks properly any more. So if it is not a virus or a full memory causing these problems what might it be?

The number one cause of these kinds of problems and indeed the number one cause of overall computer failure in general is far simpler than any bug or virus created by a clever hacker. It is dust, common dust that is everywhere in the air.

Yet many people do not realize the amount of dust that can get inside a computer and the damage it can cause. A computer's cooling fans run all the time that a computer is powered on, even if it is "sleep" mode. Unprotected dust is pulled into the computer every time the fan spins and it accumulates far more quickly than you might imagine.

To protect a computer from this dangerous intrusion costs less than $5 per computer, yet it is still overlooked by many people. A removable, replaceable filter mesh that catches the dust being drawn in before it enters the computer is the best answer available and is a simple way that any computer can be protected from its number one enemy. The average computer repair person charges about $100 just for the first initial visit and a repair can cost much more, not to mention that precious data that can be lost forever when a computer fails. Taking five minutes to install this inexpensive safeguard can add years of useful life to the average computer's overall function whatever its make or model.

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