Thursday, October 1, 2009

Secure USB

. Thursday, October 1, 2009

Also called USB thumb drives, USB sticks are highly compact. Thanks to their small size, chances of them getting stolen are high. If your USB drive contains extremely private and sensitive information, go in for USB data security. These measures would help prevent anyone from accessing your personal details.

How to secure USB

Majority of modern USB Stick are now accompanied with specific pre-installed security features enabling users to prevent unauthorized access and password protect their data. If you have private information stored inside, simply password-protect the USB drive.

Using encryption, you can add extra security to the data. Some software use 128-bit AES encryption for maximum security and don't store passwords on removable USB drives.

Data recovery

If your USB doesn't have the password protection option or built-in security, use third party software.

Below are some of the free passwords-protect software to secure USB:-

FOLDER LOCK: It is one of the fastest ways to password protect and encrypt your folders and files. You can either select to encrypt essential files from techies or lock your private data, pictures and files from casual users. This software comes with plug-and-play support, portability, hack attempt monitoring, stealth mode, shredding, encryption and locking.

Salient Features:

• Folder Encryption, File Encryption, Drive Lock, Folder Lock, File Lock

• Uses 256-bit AES encryption

• Password-protection of USB Drives without the requiring installation at the other end

• Use tool in stealth mode (used while hiding the tool from other system users)

• Move, e-mail, backup or transfer password-protected lockers wherever desired

TRUE CRYPT: It is open-source software used for creating encrypted folders on USB drives. Its major advantage is that you can install it in USB drive and use it in the form of portable application.

CRYPTAINER: It is a full freeware utility to password-protect USB drives. You can encrypt folders and files by simply dropping and dragging them into the vault. Additionally, it permits you to form secure-email files which you can send it to anyone.

Even after completely protecting the USB drives, chances that the hackers would crack USB password using keyboard sniffers and keyloggers are high.

SafeStick provides mandatory password protection and automatic hardware encryption of all stored data. SafeStick drives are manageable world-wide on an enterprise scale with the lightweight SafeConsole management software offering full control, remote life-cycle management and device enhancement such as remote password recovery, customised password policy, audit for compliance, portable authentication tokens, productivity tools.


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