Friday, December 11, 2009

Feature of Laptop

. Friday, December 11, 2009

Now many people use laptops as more and more people have shifted their preference for the portable device. Many schools in USA have made it obligatory for their students the use of laptops to save them from the bulky rucksacks. No wonder that the sales of laptops are unprecedently high in the last couple of years. Very often choosing a right product becomes a difficult task, as many of the first time buyers are getting confused with the technical terms and jargons made use of in the advertisements and catalogues.

Laptops are available in many sizes and shapes. So are the diverse features incorporated in them. The buyers can go for a cheap product if it is intended only for basic usage like word processing or emails. There are expensive products with innovative features. Size and weight are important for this portable device. But then some of the important factors cannot be ignored. Processor, Memory, Screen and battery life are vital matters to be looked into. Processors with Pentium M were used earlier, but now Intel's core duo and core 2 duo are more popular. Some of the laptops use AMD Athlon and Turion 64 x 2 dual core processors also. Intel core duo processor is widely used than other categories. As for memory it is better to have minimum 1GB of RAM which will be sufficient for basic use. For advanced usage like graphics, laptop with a minimum of 128MB dedicated video RAM is needed. For gaming purposes it should be between 256 MB and 512 MB.

Size of the screen is another important factor. Screen sizes vary between 12 inches to 17 inches. Widescreen used for movies etc are also available. But remember that weight of the laptop with larger screens will be more, much to the disadvantage of the users who want to carry it as a personal baggage. Those who want portability for their devices should go for smaller screens. Similarly battery life is important. Many of the laptops batteries will have minimum 3.5 hours of durability. The shopper should make sure of the battery life while buying the product.

There are other features like keyboard, hard drives, USB ports and network capability which are very vital. It all depends on the types of jobs to be carried out in the laptop. Built-in Ethernet capability, built-in wireless connection and built-in blue tooth are other features which are to be taken into account by the prospective buyers. Laptop technology is in a fast forward mode. More and more innovative products are arriving the markets with special features and applications. Special websites devoted to computers and accessories will help the shoppers with valuable tips and guidance regarding the purchase and maintenance of laptops.


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