Thursday, December 10, 2009

Which the best of Notebook ?

. Thursday, December 10, 2009

There are notebooks coming out every day, making it hard to decide which one to get. With technology always developing new things and ideas, it`s tricky to know what you need and what you don`t need. Luckily shopping for notebooks can be fun when you do know what all of the options available to you are. And the great thing about technology always changing is that they are making things easier and better. Anyway, there are five notebooks that have made the top five best seller lists.

The first one to mention is the Apple Mac Pro MB991LL. It has been rated the best for a few months in a row which means it is holding true to its fans. It features a 13 inch screen and a seven hour battery life. The battery can be charged up to a thousand times before it has to be replaced which is three times what is considered normal. It has core two duo processor with three MB L2 cache and runs applications really fast. It has a five times boost for graphic processor and makes things look very vivid and clear on its screen. It also comes loaded with applications and features a unibody that is known for its durability and rough and tumble abilities.

The next one on the top five list is the ASUS LL 30A - XS. It is thin and light and has a twelve hour battery. It`s stylish and has an excellent looking keyboard that is comfortable to use. It also features a multi touch rack pad that offers fast delivery. The LED screen is nice even when you look at it from an angle. It also offers a one year warranty under accidental damage.

Third on the list is the Apple Mac book MC207LL/A. It is 13 inches long, has LED back lit which means that it saves on energy and looks great. It also has seven hours of battery life and a durable unibody design. It features a glossy wide screen display and a fast duo processor. It has a 250 GB hard drive, blue tooth and the longest lasting battery there is.

Next on the list is the Toshiba Satellite LSO SD series. It is very affordable has a 15.6 inch wide screen and LCD display. It features TruBrite technology, AMD Athlon double duo core processor with 2 GB and a 250 GB hard drive. It also has webcam, and two standard USB ports.

The last one on the top five lists is the Apple Mac book Pro. It has a 13.3 screen, two USB ports, fire wire, 800Mbps and a SK card slot. Mini display port, dual display video, eight times the super drive mirroring and a Kensington lock slot. It also has wireless connectivity. This one is a bargain for the price.

There are lots of notebooks to choose from, some that are light in weight and some that are a bit heavier but might be a bit more durable in and out of the laptop case. You may select one based on name, reputation, the way it looks and its design or for the programs that come with it, or you might even just pick one based on the price, but however you decide to choose your notebook, the ones on this top five lists will be sure to please.


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