Thursday, January 7, 2010

Acer AOD250 10.1 Inch Netbook

. Thursday, January 7, 2010

Specifications: The new generation of netbooks is finally here! They now have better specs, sport great improvements in design and best of all, have lower price tags. The Acer AOD250 is a great example of such netbooks. Although most of the specs remain unchanged (such as the 1GB of RAM and the 1.6Ghz processor), there are some significant upgrades. For instance, this model now comes with a larger 250GB hard drive (as opposed to 160GB on older models). Like most netbooks, this model comes with the new Windows 7 Starter OS.

Design: I am also very taken with the design of the new Acer AOD250 10.1-inch netbook. They now come with silver hinges on the sides and there is a small gap between the screen and the CPU/keyboard unit. Overall, it looks very contemporary and is an improvement over the design on older Acer Aspire One models. It is available in blue, black, white and Ruby Red.

Features & Performance: In our tests, the Acer AOD250 did a pretty good job in running daily computing tasks such as surfing the web and processing Microsoft Office documents. Watching videos and movies on the screen was also a delight on the LED back-lit screen. The images were very sharp and clear. Some of its other features include 3 USB ports, a multi-touch track pad and a memory card reader. One of the biggest selling points of the Acer AOD250 would have to be its price. At the moment, you can get your hand on one of these netbooks for just around $278 each.


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