Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to Keep Laptop Batteries Good For Much Longer

. Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Laptop computers have come a long ways in technology and capabilities. People now have the opportunity to take tiny compact computers wherever they want. The only problem and the thing that limits laptops the most are their batteries.

Laptop batteries never seem to last as long as they are advertised to do. And as they age they only get worse. What many people find is that their laptop adapters and cords go bad before their battery. I would suggest all laptop users to have a few backup batteries and a few power adapters to keep them charged.

Batteries for laptops are not cheap and are sold only by the company who makes your laptop. This is done specifically so that the manufacturer can make money from you later on. Depending on how old or worn down your laptop may be, it may be better to just buy a new laptop than spending all of that money on a new battery. There are a few things you can do though to ensure the longest possible life from your battery.

Most laptop batteries have problems because they are left plugged in to charge too much. For me, I used to keep the laptop plugged in all of the time unless I wasn't near an outlet. Needless to say my battery didn't last too long. Its best to let your battery run all of the way down until it needs to be recharged. Do this about once a month or so and you will find that your battery life will last longer.

Try not to keep the batteries from being used for too long. Not using a battery at all will slowly kill the batteries life expectancy. Cycle through your batteries so that they are all getting at least some use.

Monitor your battery to make sure that it is not getting too hot. If it feels hot to the touch you should then remove it and let it cool down. Keep a close eye on how hot your battery gets when it is in use. A hot battery may mean that is is defective and can ruin your computer.

Remember that the conditions that you store your computer in will have an effect on the battery as well. Be sure to leave it out of extreme hot or cold conditions.

Until laptop computers get better with making their batteries (and they will) we will just have to settle with what we have and keep our current batteries lasting as long as possible. The above tips will help your battery live longer so you can save money.


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