Saturday, January 2, 2010

How to Resolve the Computer Hangup Problems Completely

. Saturday, January 2, 2010

Many of you likely have experienced this problem. When you are concentrated in writing on Word, inputting data to Excel, playing games or something else, the computer would freeze/hang up itself. And sometimes the computer even hangs up on startup. To resolve the problem completely, you need to know the issues that cause it

Registry Errors
Normally registry is the main troublemaker of the problem. Registry is the database of Windows systems which contains the most important information and settings of all device drivers, system programs and software. The data from how a computer starts up to how a program implement an order is stored in registry. Windows systems need the data in the registry to run smoothly and give orders to programs and software to implement a specific operation.

It's so important but very fragile. It can be easily damaged by some illegal operations or deleted by viruses. If one of the entries is deleted or damaged, computers will not be able to run properly. What is worse, it probably leads to system malfunctions like freezing/hangup, blue screen, blank screen and even crash. You can use a registry utility to scan and fix the errors in registry.

Missing and Damaged DLL Files
DLL files are also important components of Windows systems. But they can be easily damaged or deleted accidentally if you frequently install and uninstall some programs or software. The damaged and missing DLL files can also lead to the computer freezing/hangup and other serious system malfunctions.

And other issues, like ActiveX and Junk files, can also cause the computer to hang up. To resolve the problem completely, you can find a professional repair tool to help you fix all the errors in your computer.


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