Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fix Errors Caused by Malware Infections

. Sunday, January 3, 2010

Among various threats that have a potential to cause harm to your computer a malware infection is among the most dangerous. It can cause complete havoc on your computer and at times, may cause irreversible damage to it. Unfortunately, most users are either ignorant about the enormity of this danger or seem over-confident about the protection measures they have taken. This is the reason why billions of dollars are lost every year to malware infections.

Let us begin by understanding what exactly a malware is. A malware or malicious software is a code or a software program that attempts to enter your computer system without your consent, with the intention of causing damage or stealing information. All kinds of viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and adware classify as malware.

Tools to Fix Error Caused By Malware Infections

To fix error caused by malware infections you need to take actions to detect them on your PC and delete the malicious files, programs and registry entries added by them. Two anti-malware tools that enable you to perform these tasks easily are Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware tools. Based on your security requirements, you can choose from several free and paid utilities. To ensure that your PC is ready to combat malware infection at any given time, you need to ensure the following:

* Keep both the tools updated with latest malware definitions released by their manufacturers. This helps you ensure that your PC is protected against the latest threats.
* Schedule periodic full system scans to ensure that any malware data that might have infiltrated your PC is removed before it can cause much damage.
* Opt for tools with real-time protection. This way you can prevent unwanted and malicious program from creeping on to your PC.

If you notice a sudden increase in errors on your computer, it usually indicates some type of malware infections. You must immediately take your PC off the network/Internet and then perform a thorough full system scan using both the tools.

How to Prevent Errors Caused by Malware Infections

In addition to using antivirus and antispyware tools, you may also perform the following tasks to make your PC more secure:

* Ensure that your operating system, software applications and device drivers are updated on regular basis. These updates patch up security loopholes in software programs and help keeping safe.
* Implement a firewall to block any unauthorised intrusions by hackers and other malicious programs.
* Increase the security of your Internet Explorer to ensure that you are safe from dubious and phishing Web sites.
* Avoid opening email attachments that look suspicious-even if they come from known addresses. Email attachment is a common medium used by malware programs to transfer from one computer to another.
* Always scan any external media devices, such as USB drive, CD and DVD for viruses before accessing any data from it.

Malware infections have a capability to cause irrecoverable problems on your PC. This is the reason why, it is best that you regularly scan your PC for infections and be vigilant about what you install, copy, download and access from your PC.



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